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  Welcome at Tricks for Trucks!  
  This web-site is mainly dedicated to the self-construction of (old) trucks in scale 1:87. The majority of the truck models as shown here consists of completely scratchbuilt Scania-Vabis models, but you will find scratchbuilt models of some other marks as Volvo and DAF here as well. With each truck model you will find one or more photos of the 1:1 example. Most of the examples date from the fifties and sixties of the last century. Because of the possibility to combine these models with model railroading scale 1:87 (hO) was chosen.
Unfortunately the truck models as shown at this web-site are not for sale.




The self-constructed models were built mainly in a period before modeltruck producers took some of them into their assortment. It can not be excluded that the truck models at this website have contributed to the factory production of some models, but hopefully this website will stimulate you as a model-builder to work on a truck model in order to make a unique model for yourself. 




  Beside the scratchbuilt models you will find a page here that is about the reconstruction of industrial truck models after the examples of (former) real existing trucks. Finally you will find a page with a number of tips on scratchbuilding and reconstructing a truck model here.
Have fun with viewing and in case of questions please feel free to send a message.


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